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The Mobile Capability Maturity Model February 4, 2014

Posted by Bernard Lunn in Uncategorized.
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I like being out and about, dislike being chained to a desk so my iPhone is my primary work tool. My laptop is relegated to those things I cannot do properly on an iPhone (eg word processing and spreadsheets).

So I look at any productivity app through the lens of “how good is it on mobile?” I see three levels:

1. The Old Baseline is notification and reply by email. These are systems that somebody else chooses and I participate in the minimum possible.

2. An app that lets you do your daily tasks on a mobile device but which forces you to a browser to configure and set it up. This is the Modern Baseline.

3. An app that gets you configured and running in minutes all on a phone, no harder than a consumer app like Instagram. Trello is like this. This is competitive advantage today and will soon be baseline.