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#InternetOfThings can leave my fridge alone but I would love it to manage my overly complicated light bulbs #SensorInsights August 12, 2014

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The fridge alerting the grocery store that my milk is low or old does not excite me, but if somebody figured out a service to manage those now overly complex light bulbs, I would be a “customer-in-waiting” and I suspect there would be others like me.

Warning, curmudgeon alert. Do you remember when light bulbs were one kind only? You just kept a few in a cupboard and replaced when needed. Now there are so many variants that I would need a whole lightbulb store in my house to do the same; believe me I have tried.

For an #InternetOfThings entrepreneur, this is easy stuff. The lightbulb that is nearing the end of its life sends an order to the store (based on a mandate I have given as a consumer to do this) and the right bulb arrives with a little map showing where it goes and I replace the bulb.

For wealthy people, vacation homes and offices, you could layer on a service for somebody to replace the bulb.



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