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My SAAS Writing on ReadWrite May 27, 2014

Posted by Bernard Lunn in Uncategorized.

I wrote a lot about SAAS on ReadWrite, this is just me being a diligent digital archivist of my own work. I trust WordPress to always be here in some form and to always let me be in control, so no reason not to archive here. Some posts are like looking at bad fashion pics, “you had to be there at the time” in order not be too embarrassed now. Some are keepers IMHO.

My Posts On SAAS for RWW:

Yammer: The Story Behind Their SaaS Traction

How Much Venture Capital Should You Raise For Your SaaS Venture?

Study: SaaS Pricing Is Still Opaque And Freemium Is Rare

10/28/09: Email + CRM + LinkedIn + Twitter = Hustler’s Power Drill
10/27/09: Calendaring, Scheduling Meetings: Timebridge CEO Interview Reveals Strategic Importance of This Space

10/14/09: Google Should Stop Playing Around With Wave and Focus on Spreadsheet

07/18/09: Who Is Pouring Enterprise Weedkiller and Why?

07/17/09: InterWest Partners: Investing in Enterprise SaaS

06/26/09: Why Enterprises Don’t Like SaaS

05/ 5/09: Where Is My Dashboard Aggregator?

05/ 4/09: Why Push Gmail for Blackberry Is a Big Deal

03/23/09: Salesforce.com Integrates Twitter
12/16/08: Top 10 Enterprise Web Products of 2008

11/20/08: 10 Things to Know About Salesforce.com

11/14/08: When The Browser Doesn’t Cut it: Basecamp’s Lack of Mobility

11/ 3/08: Facebook Puts On Suit, Dances With Salesforce.com
11/ 3/08: Salesforce.com Says Hello World

10/29/08: The New Stack: SaaS, Cloud Computing, Core Technology
10/28/08: Who is Not Afraid of the SaaS Wolf?

10/ 8/08: Why Some Traditional Enterprise IT Vendors Are Scared of SaaS

09/23/08: Zoho Part 2: The Cookbook

09/18/08: Zoho: The Little Engine That Could (Take on Both Microsoft and Google)

08/21/08: 11 Things Startups Should Know About Enterprise 2.0
08/20/08: Enterprise 2.0: The Nature of the Firm

08/13/08: Google Should Buy eXpresso
08/ 1/08: Breaking Free of Outlook

06/10/08: Where Are We in The Enterprise 2.0 Wave?

01/22/08: eXpresso Takes The Enterprise Route to Web Office

12/ 3/07: 2008 Will Be The Year of Business Networking
12/ 2/07: The Business of Teaching Elephants to Dance

09/ 9/08: What do CIOs Think About Social Media?
06/12/08: LinkedIn Could Replace Outlook and SalesForce

02/22/08: Why Google Apps is a Serious Threat to Microsoft Office

08/ 8/07: Who Will Be Your Web Office Provider?




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