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Wix, Drupal, WordPress. What my DIY hack taught me November 6, 2013

Posted by Bernard Lunn in Uncategorized.

I am hacking together a site for a startup non profit sporting event. No budget to hire a developer so I drew the short straw (volunteered, yep, I am an idiot). I have never written code but thought I could hack together something using a mix of:


The good news – it works.

The bad news – more painful than I had hoped. More painful for end users but also for your humble hacker. I mean humble. I Am Not A Developer.

Sites like this will thrive by ever deeper integration, increased functionality and superb UX that hides complexity.

Its topical because Wix is doing an IPO. I did not try Wix, I had not heard about them. I also did not try Drupal, too daunting for a non-techie DIY. If I had a budget and my developer wanted to use Drupal I would have said “great”.

So my default was WordPress. I have used it for blogging since 2007, love it. The site I am building is not a blog – that will be one feature in future – but I could set up on my domain and also use Pages. Anybody could see I hacked it with WordPress, not an issue in this project.

WordPress SEO is great. That matters. It plays well with Eventbrite and Paypal (and Wufoo and everything else, WordPress seems to thrive by being a team player).

Eventbrite was great. Toyed with Eventbee and Wufoo, but once again “familiarity breeds contentment” ie I know how to use Eventbrite.

Everybody says “Paypal is a pain” and they are right. Wanted to use Stripe but I am in Switzerland and that was a story of “nearly ready is not good enough”.

Its the programmable web and it works – sort of – and is improving all the time.

There is a quadrant here. Wix and WordPress are in the simple but functionally limited box. Drupal is in the steep learning curve but functionally powerful box. The magic quadrant is still empty.

One observation is that Wix trades on great themes and HTML5. The themes marketplace is cross platform ie I can now choose a theme and implement on Wix or WordPress or Drupal. HTML5 is clearly cross platform.

End note: written on Notes and posted to WordPress by email.



1. Ahuvah Berger-Burcat (@ahoova) - November 6, 2013

For future reference, you also have SquareSpace – and I am partial to WordPress. There are so many plugins that are awesome – the only reservation is that I need a more technical person to set up my blog server.

Congrats on the new site and all the hard work!

bernardlunn - November 6, 2013

Good point re Squarespace, will check it out. Habit is the new moat methinks ie getting me off WordPress would be like getting Winnie The Pooh off honey.

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