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Event Hacking: free ‘n easy July 28, 2013

Posted by Bernard Lunn in Uncategorized.

I recently created an event, an Unconference. I did that a few years ago for ReadWriteWeb. That one was charged, this one was free – monetizing via the insights and connections.

I wanted to see if I could do this for free with a runway of about 3 weeks. This is my MVP for running an Event. Here is how I hacked it:

WordPress for background info that I linked to from email invites.

Gmail Groups for email lists: only pain was manual copy and paste from LinkedIn but that was a one time chore. Next time I will probably use MailChimp (ForeverFree version) as Gmail Contacts/Groups is limited and a bit kludgy.

Eventbrite; it is free for free events
(MeetUp was my presumption but monthly fees put me off). If I was charging I might switch to EventBee for their $1 flat fee.

Promote using LinkedIn and Twitter: automated via my WordPress post

Location and refreshments via a corporate sponsor.

It all worked and it was free. It was small but attendees said they wanted to come to the next one and gave me feedback on how to improve it. So it served the classic MVP purpose of being a learning process.

For my next event, I plan to try a few things such as:

Record Using iPhone. Could I get a stand to hold it?

Broadcast the event live? Or record it and upload to YouTube?

Use Polling both before and after to get some quotable data points.



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