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WordPress or Drupal or Django: Reflections Of A Non Techie Serial Entrepreneur February 18, 2013

Posted by Bernard Lunn in Uncategorized.

I have seen lots of good comparisons at a technical level. At the business level I see it as a trade off between ease of getting started vs flexibility to adapt to future needs. But more than that it is a business bet on which platform will still be thriving ten years from now.

WordPress is a no-brainer if you want a blog centric CMS and your technical capability is limited.

At the other extreme, Django works if you have a couple of good developers and you are building something quite new. It won’t get you a super quick result, but nor will it constrain you when you want to innovate.

Drupal sits in between these two. That could either put Drupal in a confused position, neither “fish nor fowl”. Or it could be in the sweet spot. I incline to the latter view.

I think we will see Drupal emerge the winner from this for two reasons:

1. The network of enthusiastic developers makes Drupal a platform that companies can bet “will still be around in ten years time”. Some developers will point out that most Drupal developers are not rocket scientists. That does not matter. In developer centric platforms, quantity does trump quality; just ask Bill Gates. Django fans will proclaiming its technical superiority as the platform fades into the history books.

2. WordPress will struggle to reinvent itself as we move from a blogging centric world to something else that emphasises photos, videos and quick text. WordPress is doing a good job adding photos, videos and quick text features, but this is playing catchup. I say this sadly, I am a “wordy” guy, I enjoy writing and I love WordPress – it just works and is never annoying. But if I was CIO at a publishing company I would not bet on WordPress.



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