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Posterous, Facebook, Email Lists, Private vs Public Sharing February 10, 2012

Posted by Bernard Lunn in Uncategorized.

I recently started a travel blog. I had no ambition other than to have fun and share with friends and family.

Here is the decision-making related to tools and how it turned out:

1. I eliminated WordPress, much as I love it for this Blog. Too heavy weight. I am sure I could have made it do what I wanted, but did not want that hassle. It is amazing to me how we get spoiled by free tools. My first post here was about how wonderfully easy WordPress is. It still is compared to the Content Management Systems that professional publishers have to deal with. But the consumerization of software continues to push towards simplicity, hiding complexity behind smart interfaces.

2. I eliminated Facebook as I have never been a big user (a mostly dormant account for when it is the only way to get some information) and did not want to force friends/family who do not use Facebook (yes there still are some) to register and log-in.

3. I nearly opted for an email list using Gmail but did not want the hassle of managing the list.

Posterous has fit my needs well. Subscribing is up to my friends/family. I like the post by email option,it is ideal for posting from my iPhone.

When I first saw social media I saw an evolution from email. It still looks that way to me. I still don’t get how that is a huge advertising business opportunity as there is no database of intentions and one tunes out ads when one is communicating. I guess the Facebook IPO will bring this subject to the fore. Maybe scale solves all?



1. John Davy - April 18, 2012

I think posterous is great too. Really easy to use. The argument about social media use is a common one, but I would counter argue that it is cheap to use and does not take much time. The fact that there will be more Mobile platforms than PC’s next year means that people will live on the move. You might as well be keeping up, at least until the dust settles!

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