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How Fast Does Google Index This Page? SEO 101? February 6, 2010

Posted by Bernard Lunn in Uncategorized.

When I post on Read Write Web, it is indexed by Google within minutes. That is no surprise as it is a high traffic blog with high Page Rank score.

But I was very surprised to find a post that I wrote on this blog indexed within 15 minutes. It might have been quicker than that. My method was crude:

– post

– some time later (in this case 15 minutes) Google the headline

So maybe it was 10 minutes? or 5 minutes? For this obscure long tail blog. Hey, welcome visitor, this is a really exclusive club, no riff raff here I can assure you. OK, maybe nobody here πŸ™‚

My test # 1 was on this blog post:


My Google search: punk manufacturing.

My test # 2 was on this blog post:


My Google search:blogging useful distraction

Result: hours later, nada.

My test # 3 will be on this post. I am testing a theory. On Test # 1 I linked to Wired, a high Page Rank site. Theory: Google looks at links to determine how fast to index. Is that possible? I know nothing about how spiders really work.

So on this post I am going to link to Danny Sullivan. Methinks Google pays attention to him πŸ™‚ Hi Danny, here is some random link love:


So, now I will post, wait a few minutes, Google and update this page with result.

10 mins: nada

Surprise: nothing on Twitter either.

But found lots of other people exploring this subject:


Maybe it is about search popularity? Punk Manufacturing is obscure. How fast does Google Index is a big SEO concern. So maybe I am there but on later pages?

Tried as far as page 5: nada

Result of my test? Who the hell knows?



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