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Blogging as a USEFUL distraction February 6, 2010

Posted by Bernard Lunn in Uncategorized.

Yes, I know, blogging is just a waste of time. Unless you are using it for a specific purpose, to promote something, why bother? For most bloggers, for the real long tail the reason is just:

because I love to do this

So why is it USEFUL? If you have a job, particularly if you have a start-up, you have to focus. The three things you have to do are:

focus, focus and focus

The problem is that all focus can make Jack a dull boy. You lose your intellectual sparkle. You get bored. Then  you get tempted to diversify in your day job. And that will mess up your day job. Much better to satisfy your need for intellectual diversity in a way that does not distract from your day job.

For example, I am fascinated by emergence in business, by the declining power of large companies, by subjects such as punk manufacturing. But none of those are relevant to how I make a living.

I could just read about these subjects, but the way I learn about stuff is to read, write and then converse. So the act of writing brings clarity and then the conversations that result from that writing bring new information and insights.

In short, it is fun but also useful as a




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