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10 Internet Biz Predictions For 2010 December 5, 2009

Posted by Bernard Lunn in Uncategorized.

Brave or foolhardy? My 10 Internet Biz Predictions For 2010 by Twitter. Self-imposed brevity.

# 1. The US economy will have another dip and unemployment will stay close to current levels. The creative part of creative destruction does not keep pace with the destruction part.

# 2.The stock market will be up for the year, despite some nasty moments and despite a lousy economy, as interest rates will remain low

# 3.Return of the Internet IPO. Media heralds the “golden age of the Internet” but we are all careful not to utter phrases such as dot com that recall funneling $100 notes into a furnace.

# 4.LinkedIn IPO is the poster boy for the return of the Internet IPO perfectly timed for the combo of a lousy economy and rising stock market.

# 5.Facebook does NOT IPO and there is lots of Blogosphere chatter trying to figure out why not.

# 6.Twitter is acquired by either Microsoft or Google for an amount that creates a lot of talk about a bubble.

# 7.VCs find it easier to raise money in aggregate. But almost all the real returns go to a very small number of firms and most struggle for a sustainable role.

# 8.25% of the financial services industry find work doing something different and some of them will be very successful and create a lot of positive impact.

# 9.Google’s stock underperforms a broader Internet stock index as pundits focus on their lack of advantage in the golden triangle of social + mobile + real time

# 10.Do Not Track legislation roils the behavioral marketing market and the smart bets on monetization move to transactions and subscriptions.

(yes to math folks, this version does not restrict to 140 characters, pre TwitEdit)



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