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A great bit of business journalism December 14, 2007

Posted by Bernard Lunn in B2B Media, Journalism.

Read this article from Forbes:

“Internet II: Rebooting America
Michael S. Malone, 09.10.01

Getting real and getting it right.

The biggest economic boom in history is bearing down on us. ”

Big deal, you might think. But check out the date (what happened the next day?). In late 2001 this was really far-sighted, clear thinking.

Now look at his concluding remarks:

“But with this announcement also comes a warning: We are not prepared for this impending boom. We have no way to support it, to nourish it, even to reap its benefits. What will happen to Internet II, the fulfillment of the technological revolution, when our order sits on a runway behind 60 other planes awaiting takeoff, or on a stalled interstate? And how many batteries will we need to surf the Grid in the dark?

Internet II is coming, but we aren’t ready. If we aren’t ready soon, we may have to wait until 2015 or 2020, and perhaps visit Frankfurt or Shanghai to see what we missed. ”

Blogs, shmogs, great journalism still lives and makes a difference.



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