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Will Blogs replace White Papers? June 20, 2007

Posted by Bernard Lunn in B2B Media.

Most Blogs are seeking attention, a modern form of PR and marketing communication. In this sense they are similar to White Papers and better in many ways:

  1.  The length of a blog is a lot more flexible, anything from a quick comment on a news item to a lengthy analysis based on in-depth research.
  2. Blogs invite response, which is the whole point of marketing communication.
  3. Readers can be anonymous until they want to respond (as opposed to White Papers which usually require a registration, which brings on the obligatory follow-up emails and phone calls).

The latter point is important for B2B Media as publishers look for White Paper registration to act as a lead generation source. It is not yet clear how Blogs will replace this. I suspect it is part of the larger issue on how to monetize communities.



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